The 50mm f4 lens

Yesterday as is today the weather was delightful warm and sunny so we decided to go for a walk around the lake at Marciac.  Karen has been recovering from her bout of pneumonia she is much better but still has moments of breathlessness, we walked slowly and it is was a very pleasant hours walk.  I took my camera with the 50mm Pentacon lens attached. I was very pleased with the results.


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180mm Carl Ziess

I tried the  180mm lens again just to see how if it was as sharp on my canon 5d as it was on the original camera a Pentacon 6 with film, it is fairly difficult to focus but when you get it right it seems ok, it didn’t help that the focusing ring is a bit stiff and the camera and lens together weigh about 6kgs.

It rained almost all day so I did’t manage to get out with the camera, autumn is my favorite time for photography so hopefully the weather will be better next week.

My dogs seemed happy to pose for me so I had to be content with them looking cute.

Great glass

I have just a brought back to France from the UK some lenses a best friend and brother in law and I bought together along with a medium format 120 film camera. Mike died four years ago who had a future as a great photographer, we had both moved over to digital and eventually Canon 5d’s, the lenses and camera had been stored away in a wardrobe and forgotten for some time. I found an adapter on ebay it  arrived this morning shipped from Hong Kong. They are east german Carl Zeiss lenses and fantastic quality, I remember the images they produced on film were superb. This photo was taken with the 180mm f 2.8, I will try them out over the next few days. I expect the images will be quite soft, of course no auto focus which is no problem I turn that off quite a lot anyway. I will have to go back to estimating the exposure which won’t be a bad thing either.