Spring is almost here hooray

The weather has been slowly improving over the last month here in the south west of France, its a good feeling to be coming out of winter. The days are longer, the spring flowers are nudging their heads above the ground and our bees have woken up and are foraging for the early pollen. We still have frosty mornings now and again but the air is fresh and clear with wonderful night skies. Five planets are visible this month, I haven’t seem Mercury yet but the other especially Jupiter and Venus are as bright as buttons. I will try and take some photographs this week of the night sky I have been reading up on the techniques needed but up to now it has been too cold to stand outside for very long.

August 2016 guide to the 5 bright planets

The photo is from a walk we did last week around a lake towards the mountains, it was 10K and took us 2h 40m at a leisurely pace.