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in search of boeuf.

First my apologies if you have been receiving emails announcing blogs from me that don’t exist, I have been trying to add a photo gallery to the blog and have been having problems. I have been given instructions on how to sort it out so all should be okey dokey from now on.

We went to a local town Riscle last Friday for the annual fete and market, we had lunch in the market hall which was ‘daube’ a gorgeous stewed beef dish with potatoes, lovely bread to mop up the gravy and a not too bad red wine all for 7 euros.  After we had eaten Karen went off to buy the biggest, most expensive loaf ever made I went out the back to look at the Charolais bulls on show. It is very ‘rural France’ to display bulls in sight of scores of people eating their offspring, but hey I didn’t feel too guilty they were delicious.

In search of Hadrian

On our way to Scotland to visit our children (her son my daughter) Karen and I traveled along Hadrians wall in Northumbria. Karen had passed close by inreign the past but had never managed to get to see it. I had been there several times but not for a while and had even walked a length of it when Mike and I walked the Pennine way  some 30+ years ago.

The wall was built during the reign of the roman emperor Hadrian started in AD 122 it took around 6 years to build. It was the northern frontier of the empire and was 80 roman miles in length.