Bees no more

All our bees have died, we only have one hive and Karen was showing it to two prospective beekeepers yesterday, when she opened it they were all dead, they were fine a week ago but she thinks the have succumbed to the sub zero weather possibly last Sunday night when it was -10 C, It’s a shame this week has been a lot warmer. I know they are only bees but we are both very sad, Karen is already sourcing a new supply and it is hopeful we will get some soon, alas there will be no Lafitole honey this year.

After the frost it felt a bit like spring yesterday, some of the bulbs are coming up and I was in the garden tidying the hedges burning branches and brambles.  It rained overnight and it’s cold again today so it feels like winter again.


Finally got out of Lafitole

I have been taking photos but I could not bear to post any more photos of Lafitole, so after dropping Karen of at Tarbes/Lourdes international airport.  I stopped at site at the side of the Adour river just north of the town and let the dogs run around. It was a delightful spot but marred by the piles of litter strewn around. It has been delightful weather the last few days warm and sunny I don’t think it will last. Today another trip to a different airport at Toulouse to drop off the daughter of a friend, two hours there 5 mins at the airport then two hours back.

A lazy old week

I am using the excuse of still recovering from a virus to having had a real lazy week, it has been cold outside and once I have taken the dogs out, had breakfast then lunch, watched some daytime TV in front of the fire it has been suddenly dark again and well another day over really. The mountain views have been outstanding this week, dark clouds overhead but brilliant sunshine over the peaks lighting up the snow with an orange glow. Next week I will try to get up there, with a bit of luck the weather will hold out.

I have just been reading about the shooting of a congresswoman in Arizona and the pointless deaths of some of those present. I don’t know much about this guy but Billy Bragg has just posted a link on his FB to a video clip, he seems to be talking a lot of sense to me.